Getting The Ammo You Need And Safely Storing It

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With the supply chain in the state that it is today, it's now a great idea to stock up on the items that you need while you can get them. One item that can have serious problems with shortages, sudden price increases, and other availability issues is ammunition. Here, you'll find a few tips to help ensure that you're fully stocked and ready for the next hunting season, target shooting trip, or visit to the range.

Buy It Little by Little 

If you don't have the cash in hand to stock up all at once, buy what you need little by little. A box each payday will add up to a stash large enough to fulfill your needs.

Look for Bulk Deals

In some cases, you'll be able to get a better deal on the ammunition when you buy it in bulk. Not only does buying in bulk bring the per-piece price down, but it typically is less costly to ship. Remember, not all ammunition can be shipped easily. Larger caliber rounds may need to be packaged in several smaller lots and shipped individually.

Pay attention to the shipping services being used so that you don't run into issues with having it delivered to your home.

Store It Safely

How your store your ammunition in your home is important. Not only for personal safety but also for the condition of the ammunition. Your ammo should be stored in a safe or lock box separate from the firearms. The ammo should be removed from the boxes and stored in metal boxes. This will prevent moisture issues that the cardboard box can release into the storage case. Just make sure to label the boxes to make it easier to grab what you need on the go.

If your ammunition is stored in a damp space, use silica gel in the lock box or safe to absorb the moisture. Silica gel packets can be reused several times by heating them at a low temperature for several hours in your oven. Once cooled, replace it back in its place and repeat the process in a few months.

If you require harder-to-find ammunition, inquire with several ammunition sales locations and ask if you can be alerted when the ammunition is in stock. Some companies will send you a text, email, or call you directly to let you know when you can get the exact ammo you need.

Contact a local ammunition retailer to learn more. 


29 September 2022

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