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4 Natural Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Hot tubs are great, but keeping them clean can be a challenge if you use yours often. Natural oils from your skin, dust and debris can all make their way into your cozy tub, creating a not-so-fun combination that can make the water cloudy and dirty. If the thought of using harsh chemicals to keep […]

Successfully Facing Your Fear Of Heights With A Zipline Tour

Acrophobia, or a fear of heights, is a mental disorder that creates tremendous fear and anxiety in people. Somewhere around 1 in 20 people face this fear in their daily lives, with twice as many women as men falling victim. Unfortunately, since so many amazing things in life require you to be up in the […]

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5 Archery Products Ideal For Children With ADHD

Learning the sport of archery is a great hobby for children, especially children diagnosed with ADHD . While the symptoms of ADHD can make archery difficult, children can use it to battle their weaknesses and learn focus, strength, and accuracy. The following five products can help a young person with ADHD learn archery and minimize […]

Trampoline Exercises For Improved Leg And Core Strength

Trampolines are a popular item for children and families across the country. However, a trampoline offers more than just an active, healthy way to strengthen your legs. Because bouncing correctly requires you to hold a firm position with your body through impact, regular trampoline work helps build core strength, which will increase your athletic performance […]

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