Answering Your NFL Free Agent Questions

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Football is a popular sport for many Americans. Many dream of playing on professional teams or even helping out on the practice team. While you may know about the NFL Draft, do you know about free agents? Free agents—like those at BSW Inc.—have special perks like the ability to hear other offers. If you would like to know more, check out these three commonly asked questions about NFL free agents.

1. What Is a Free Agent?

A free agent is a professional football player who is not under a contract with any specific team. Free agents can be unrestricted free agents, restricted free agents, or undrafted free agents. Unrestricted free agents are those players who were released from their team or had their contract expire. They can join any team that wants to make them an offer.

Restricted free agents are on a team, but they can shop around for a new contract with another team. Finally, undrafted free agents are those who were not chosen in the season's draft. They are free to accept offers from any team that wants them.

2. Do Free Agents Get Paid?

A free agent who isn't working doesn't get paid, but free agents can help football teams in many ways. Some manage to join the roster, but they will make less than every other person on the roster. More commonly, however, free agents make the team (but not the roster) or they join the practice squad. A practice squad member may make about $100,000 over the course of the season.

Free agents, however, are free to consider offers from teams, and if they accept an offer, it usually comes with a signing bonus. They may also get a roster bonus, and some players get a per-game roster bonus. Other bonuses include option bonus, workout bonus, and a reporting bonus. All that is on top of the base salary and any special incentives.

3. When Can a Free Agent Be Signed?

Free agents cannot be signed to a team at any time of the year. Restricted free agents have about one month between March and April to consider signing. Unrestricted free agents have more time (starting in March and ending sometime in July). This all occurs immediately after the NFL Draft.  

An NFL free agent is free to join just about any team, but they can't join any time of year. They may not make the roster, but even joining the practice team generates good money and great practice.


11 April 2022

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