Seven Features You Don't Want To Overlook For Your Custom Rifle

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If you're a firearm enthusiast, having a custom rifle made is a great idea. However, you need to be aware of all the features of your firearm that you can control when you have a custom rifle produced.

The following are seven features you don't want to overlook when you have your custom rifle made. 


You should customize the stock since it's such an important aspect of a rifle when it comes to the fit. With a custom rifle and stock, you ensure that your cheek, shoulder, and hands will come into contact with the stock in such a way as to maximize comfort.

One great way to determine the best stock dimensions for you is to try out rifles from various manufacturers to find which option suits you best. Then, you can take the dimensions and use them to determine the dimensions of your custom rifle. 


Investing in high-quality optics for your custom rifle will improve your shooting significantly. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your rifle optics, choose a rifle that offers either a holographic or red dot sight. 

Cheek pad

Purchasing a custom rifle gives you every opportunity to maximize comfort. As such, you should have a cheek pad added to your custom build. A cheek pad can make it easier for you to achieve good alignment between your eyes and any optics you have added to your rifle. 


You have several options to choose from regarding the action of your custom rifle. In general, bolt action is a common choice. However, you can also choose a single shot, level, or pump-action if you prefer. 

Premium barrel

A premium barrel is a great upgrade if you are having a custom rifle made. Premium barrels will result in a custom rifle that shoots more comfortably and accurately, so it's worth it to invest in this important upgrade. 

Magazine release

You can have an extended magazine release put on your custom rifle so that you can more smoothly reload. Adding an extended magazine release is a simple customization that can drastically improve the ease of using a custom rifle. 

Custom finish

There are a lot of custom finish options from among which you can choose to meet your aesthetic goals with your custom rifle. As such, decide whether you prefer a satin or high gloss surface. Also, remember that oil finishes are ideal if you're concerned about scratches. Oil finishes are easier to restore when scratches develop on the surface of your custom rifle. 

For more information about custom rifles, contact a manufacturer.


18 November 2021

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