3 Types Of Bike Styles For Young Riders

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If you want to purchase new bikes for your kids this year, you want to make sure that you purchase the right style of bike that will fit with their body and with their bike skill level. There are three different styles of bike fits for young riders; the learner fit, the pedaler fit and the advanced fit.

1. Learner's Fit

With a learner's fit bike, when your child is sitting on the seat, they will be able to put both of their feet on the ground. They will be able to put their feet flat on the ground. With a learners fit, you want your child to be able comfortably put both of their feet on the ground. With learner's fit bikes, your child may still be learning to use the brakes on the pedals or the hand brakes. Allowing your child to firmly reach the ground provides your child with another way of stopping their bike and slowing it down.

A learner's fit bike also makes it easier and faster for your child to establish contact with the ground and balance their bike when they feel like they are losing their balance. A learner's fit bike is designed to help your child feel in control of the bike.

2. Pedaler Fit

A pedaler fit bike is made for kids who have mastered the art of pedaling the bike. When your child is able to pedal the bike without assistance and without having to put their feet down all the time to steady themselves, they are ready for a pedaler fit bike. This is typically the second type of bike that your child will own.

With a pedaler fit bike, when your child is seated on the bike, they will be able to touch the ground with only the tips of their toes. This will allow your child to get on and off the bike easily and balance the bike, but your child will need to rely on the brakes on the bike to stop.

3. Advanced Fit

An advanced fit bike is made for when your child has really mastered the art of riding a bike. Advanced fit bikes are for children who understand how to use the brakes to stop their bike and never use their feet anymore to stop their bike.

With an advanced fit bike, your child's feet may no longer touch the ground when they are sitting on the seat. Instead, to get on and off the bike, they will need to move out of the saddle to get off the bike, or they are going to need to lean the bike to one side to get off the bike.

As your child learns how to ride a bike and grows, they should advance through the three different types of fit described above. Watch how your child rides and interacts with their bike to determine what biker fit level your child is at before purchasing them a new bike. Be sure to take your child with you as well when you purchase a new bike, so you can have them sit on the bike and ensure that it has the right fit.


25 March 2018

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