3 Gun Handling Courses Every Woman Should Take

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According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc., 37 percent of new target shooters are women. Compare that to the 22 percent of established female target shooters, and it becomes obvious that more and more women are interested in learning how to shoot and handle a gun.

Many women feel intimidated by firearms. This is especially true if they didn't grow up around them. The idea of trying to figure out on their own how to use a gun, take care of and clean it, and learn proper gun safety can be overwhelming. Some women also don't want to be in a learning environment with men as that can also feel uncomfortable. Men tend to want to take over, and women who have no experience can feel inferior and unempowered, the exact opposite of the mindset needed. Thankfully, private lessons for shooting are available, as are small groups that are just for women. Here are three courses of personalized firearms training for women to look for in your area.

Women Only Basic Handgun Course

This type of class will usually meet most state's requirements for concealed carry licensure. More importantly, it will give you the opportunity to try several different pistols before deciding on which one to buy for yourself. Being able to shoot several types of handguns before making a purchase will do a lot to increase your confidence, both on the range and at the sporting goods store. Typical classes consist of four to six hours total, with three or four hours instruction and one or two hour on the range.

Ladies Defensive Readiness Course

This type of class will discuss the importance of things like being aware of your surroundings, techniques for developing a mindset that is alert and constantly prepared for any situation, how to recognize risks and counteract them, exploration into where things can go wrong, and how to avoid becoming a victim. Options for conceal carry specific to women are also explored. This type of training empowers women and increases their confidence as well as potentially decreases the likelihood of finding themselves in a bad situation.

General Gun Training

These classes cover everything from safety to storage to which gun to choose and more. These are very good classes for absolute beginners who want to know everything possible there is to know about firearms. This can also include personalized instruction on specific concerns, such as which hunting rifle or shotgun to choose and how to clean it.

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24 April 2017

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