Snorkeling Safety Tips For Beginners

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If you're taking your first trip to some Pacific paradise and you're planning on going snorkeling, it'll do you good to learn more about the activity before you actually attempt it. It's true that snorkeling is considered a relatively safe activity compared to, for example, scuba diving; however, you're still dealing with the ocean, so you should always take extra care to stay safe. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on your first snorkeling adventure.

Practice beforehand

Try out your equipment beforehand, ideally in a pool. You'll be able to get the hang of those long fins, make sure your snorkel fits, and troubleshoot your goggles if necessary. And this practice session will help you be more confident at your first snorkeling session. 

Only snorkel in good conditions

Not only should you never go in if the conditions are less than optimal, you should also check the forecast in advance and make sure the conditions are expected to stay good for the duration of your excursion.

Be confident but cautious

Being a competent swimmer (although proficiency isn't really necessary) is useful because it allows you to move around confidently in the water. It's crucial to stay calm while snorkeling, as panic attacks can be very dangerous. So swim confidently, relax, and enjoy the water, but do be cautious as well. Remember to respect the ocean as a force of nature that you should never turn your back on, and don't get so cocky that you leave your snorkeling buddy behind.

Save your skin

The sun is quite a hazard for snorkelers. Not only do the latitudes where snorkeling is popular offer extremely intense sunlight, but the water, while providing a deceptive sense of safety, doesn't actually block the sun's harmful rays at these depths. So always cover your skin with a wetsuit and/or super-strength waterproof sunscreen. 

Listen to all safety instructions

Engaging reputable guides for your first snorkeling experience can lend you additional safety, but only if you listen to their instructions on how to stay safe. Different snorkeling areas have different hazards, so listening to and following the advice of these experts could even save your life in an extreme instance. Talk with ScubaTech Of Northwest Florida to learn more about their rules and regulations.

These safety tips will help ensure that you have the best chance of thoroughly enjoying your first snorkeling experience so you'll want to come back for more and more enjoyable viewings of the underwater world that snorkeling opens up.


11 April 2017

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