DIY Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Own Horse Corral On Your Property

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Owning your own horses can be incredibly rewarding when you enjoy horseback riding, but owning your own horses can also mean there are changes you have to make in and around your property to contain them. There are all kinds of material options available when it comes to building your own corral, but this is a harder task than most equestrians realize. In fact, many try to build their own corral and end up with major flaws that cost them a lot of money down the road, which is why it is always better to just hire a professional corral builder for the job. Take a look at these common mistakes to avoid if you think you are ready to build your own horse corral. 

Mistake: Not making the corral large enough to house your horse trailer and the horses. 

Why? One of the key advantages of having a corral for your horses is the fact that this allows you to contain them to one smaller area. There is also no better way to get the horses loaded and unloaded than in a small area where they cannot wander away so easily. Therefore, it is wise to plan your corral to be large enough to house your vehicle and horse trailer for loading and unloading processes. 

Mistake: Not ensuring the corral has a good drainage system. 

Why? A good drainage system is a necessity in a horse corral, especially if you make use of solid framing to create the enclosure. Excess moisture inside the corral can lead to moss issues, hay contamination, and even muddy areas that are unsafe for your horses. It is a good idea to create the corral with a gentle slope that leads to a narrowed trench or drainage areas so rainwater can easily flow out of the area. 

Mistake: Not planning the right amount of space for the number of horses you have. 

Why? In general terms, a corral is a conservatively sized space for horses to graze or be held temporarily. However, this space should also be large enough for the horses to have their own space to prevent agitation and injury. It is always a good idea to consult a corral builder for advice before you start planning the size of your enclosure. 

Building a corral is an excellent way to keep the horses you have stationed in one area without concerns of them roaming too far away, but mist be done correctly. Talk to professional horse corral builders in your area for more information before you decide to take the DIY route. 


17 March 2017

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