Ways To Make Your Child's First Pro Sporting Event Pleasant And Memorable

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If you're a die-hard sports fan, one of the moments you'll likely look forward to is taking your child to his or her first professional game. Regardless of the sport and team you choose, this moment is something that you'll likely document with lots of photos and may tell and retell stories about the occasion to your child for years to come. Even if your child isn't hugely passionate about sports, there are a number of things that you can do to make this experience memorable. Here are some ideas.

Look For The Mascot

Virtually every pro sports franchise, even if it's in the minor leagues, has a mascot. You can instantly make your child's first event memorable by making sure that you find the mascot to give your child a chance to enjoy a hug or high-five with the creature. In most cases, you'll find that mascots will circulate throughout the venue, so it shouldn't be hard to track the mascot down. Sometimes, mascots will have specific booths that children can visit to have their photo taken and get a card or photo autographed by the mascot. Your child may not be overly captivated by the game itself, but you can rest assured that his or her eyes will light up upon meeting the mascot.

Find The Kids' Play Area

Many professional sports venues have some manner of area for kids to play. While you might not like the idea of being away from the game itself, your child will have a blast visiting this spot in the stadium or arena. Kids' play areas often include climbing structures, slides, interactive games, and more, and many don't charge a fee. If you attend a baseball game on a hot summer day, some ballparks even have small splash pads for children to get refreshed.

Visit The Team Shop

Make sure that your child's first pro sporting event includes a stop in the team shop. While you might wish to get your child a T-shirt or hat, the shop will include a long list of items that will likely appeal to your youngster. For example, many teams sell stuffed animals that look like the team's mascot or even some of the players. You can also buy stickers, temporary tattoos, collectible cards, and other similar items that your child will enjoy playing with in his or her seat at the venue, as well as on the way home and in the coming days.

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