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If you are going to be throwing a party or barbecue in a beach setting, then you want to make sure you have everything taken care of so all of your guests will have a fun time, enjoy many great times, have access to tasty food, and make memories they will remember for a long time. This article will educate you on some of the things you should do when you are planning your beach party so you can count on it being a success.

Food: You want to give your guests access to a good selection of food so everyone can enjoy full bellies while they are at your party. If there is a barbecue station near the party area, then you will be all set to serve barbecued foods like hamburgers and hotdogs. If there is no grill, then you can bring your own if you want. You can also bring ice chests with things like potato salad, macaroni salad, Jello parfait, and all the condiments you need for the burgers and hotdogs. You also want to have snacks like chips and dip. Offer plenty of drink choices such as water, soda, diet soda, and fruit punch.

Supplies: You should provide paper plates that are attached to paper plate holders so they won't blow away while your guests are trying to enjoy their meals. Also, have plastic cups and bring permanent markers so everyone can write their names on their drinks. Don't forget the plastic eating utensils and everything you will need to barbecue, like tongs and a spatula. You want plenty of ice, not only to keep the food cold but also for everyone to put in their drinks.

Music: Bring a good CD radio with loud speakers and fresh batteries. You also want to bring extra batteries just in case they burn out so you won't run out of music. Play music that the majority want to hear, but try to take turns accommodating everyone's listening interests if this is possible. If you have a very large party going on, then you'll want to stick to catering to the majority. Keep the radio in an area where people can go over to in order to enjoy it, but away from the eating area where people tend to want to talk to one another and be heard.

Entertainment: When you are having a beach party, you can have a great time keeping with the theme and offering your guests the chance to enjoy volleyball. If the spot where you are throwing your beach party doesn't have its own volleyball system then you can bring your own. One of the benefits to purchasing your own volleyball system is you can always start a fun game when you are spending time with a group of friends outdoors.


22 February 2017

A Pleasure Boat

When I was a child, I remember the time I shared with a special uncle fondly. During the summer, he would take me fishing at my family’s pond. Sometimes, we would fish quietly at the dock. He would occasionally steer me around the pond in a little boat. A few days ago, I found out that I will inherit the family pond. I’m extremely excited about the possibility of purchasing a boat to ride around in with my future kids. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for the perfect pleasure boat for a small body of water. Enjoy!