What Type of Boat Should You Get If You Live in Manhattan

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Manhattan is an island surrounded by water, but it's also a huge, densely packed city. So it's a bit of a strange place for people who love to go out and hit the open water. Unlike some other places, you probably won't have a big garage or driveway to store your boat. However, lots of people in Manhattan own boats, so it can be done. Here's a breakdown on the three types of boats you might want to get, as well as how to store them when you're not out at sea.


If you're the type who is not into fishing or leisure boating, but you prefer a more adventurous, close to the water style of atmosphere, then a kayak is perfect. You can launch it in the Hudson River at one of the city's public launch spots. Also, you can store it in your apartment (unless you have a small studio), even though it will take up a decent amount of space. If your apartment has a storage room available to the tenants, you can also take advantage of that. However, one way of to get around the size problem is to get an inflatable kayak,. These can be deflated, dried, and then stored in a plastic bin in your apartment.


If you prefer a more leisurely boating atmosphere and don't feel like paddling around in a kayak, then a sailboat is perfect. These can be kept at one of the West Side boat basins, and you can set sail into the Hudson river and head south past the Statue of Liberty and into open water. You could also head up north, past the Palisades, and under the beautiful Tappan Zee Bridge. These boats are best for please cruisers who are looking for a slow, leisurely time on the water.

Center Console Boat 

If you are a fisherman, then you should get a center console boat. These are designed to get you out into the water fast, let you maneuver quickly, and have an easy deck design that will let you stand up and cast your fishing line into the water. Most people who fish are going to head to the Long Island Sound. So, it would be a good idea to store your boat at one of the marinas on Long Island. This way, you can take the Long Island Rail Road out to the North Shore (or drive your car if you have one), pick up your boat, and head out fishing.


11 January 2017

A Pleasure Boat

When I was a child, I remember the time I shared with a special uncle fondly. During the summer, he would take me fishing at my family’s pond. Sometimes, we would fish quietly at the dock. He would occasionally steer me around the pond in a little boat. A few days ago, I found out that I will inherit the family pond. I’m extremely excited about the possibility of purchasing a boat to ride around in with my future kids. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for the perfect pleasure boat for a small body of water. Enjoy!