3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Start Bowling

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If you are just taking up the sport of bowling, here are three things to keep in mind when you hit the lanes next time:

#1 Make Sure You Choose The Right Ball

One of the most important parts of bowling is choosing the right ball. You want to choose a bowling ball that you can easily pick up and move around. Although ideally, a heavier ball will carry more force and knock down more pins, you need to be able to correctly handle the ball for that idea to work. Pick up balls of different weights and test them out till you find the ideal weight for your to swing over the course of an entire game or two.

Next, make sure that the ball fits your hand correctly. Even at the same weight, different balls can have different finger hole sizes. You want the finger holes to be just a little bigger than your fingers so they can easily slid in and out; you don't want the finger holes to be so tight your fingers get stuck when you swing the ball or so loose that you lose your grip on the ball. Kind of like Goldilocks' porridge, you want the finger holes to be "just right".

#2 Line Your Shoot Up

When you go bowling, you'll notice that there are dots and arrows that go across the lane. These symbols are not just decorations; they are there to help you line up your ball. It can be easy to default and line your ball up with the center arrow.

However, the center is not always the best way to go. If you are right handed, you may want to line up just a little on the right hand side and if you are left handed, you may want to line up just a little on the left hand side. Many bowlers have a tendency to favor their strong hand, and this helps compensate and center-up your bowling ball as it goes down the lane.

Keep in mind that each lane is a little different due to the way that it waxed and has warped over time, so you may need to adjust how you line up your shot when you bowl on different lanes.

#3 Don't Rush Your Swing

Finally, don't feel like you have to rush your swing. Don't worry what the bowlers around you are doing. Go at a pace that feels natural to you. If you like to walk quickly up to the line, you'll want to keep your bowling ball more at waist level, as your speed shortens the time you have to swing. If you like to take your time walking up and swinging, start with the ball near your chest; this will help your swing match your walking pace.

Make your swing match your walking pace will help you feel more comfortable and will help you reduce your rate of gutter balls. If you have more concerns and questions, contact a company like Frontier Bowling Lanes Inc. to learn more.


29 December 2016

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