3 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Adventure Day That Everyone At Work Will Enjoy

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Outdoor adventures are great team-building exercises, and many corporations use them to create camaraderie among their employees. Planning a successful outdoor adventure day for a department, branch or company requires forethought, though, as not everyone is equally adventurous. If you're putting together an outdoor adventure day for your company, here are some tips to ensure everyone has a good time.

Offer Several Options at Various Levels of Adventure

If there is only one outdoor adventure planned, several people may be embarrassed. People might not be able to do the activity, or they may not have interest in it. Sitting out can be humiliating, while trying and failing can be even worse.

To ensure there is something everyone can do, plan several different activities that people can choose from. Select activities that vary both in how physically demanding they are and in how adrenaline-inducing they are. This way, people who want extreme challenges will have a great day, as will those who would prefer to not exercise a lot.

Bring Everyone Together for Lunch

Because offering several different activities will create a few distinct groups, it's important to bring everyone together at some point in the day. Plan a midday pause for lunch where everyone gathers back together. They'll have fun talking about their different activities over a sandwich, salad or other food.

Lunch isn't the only time when you could bring everyone together, but it has several advantages over other options. If everyone meets together before heading to the various activities, they won't have stories about their day to share with others. If you wait until the next day, the stories can detract from people's productivity. Getting everyone together at the end of the day may seem like a good compromise, but when people come together at the end of the day they often want to be done with the day so they can go home.

At lunch time, people have few stories to share and will be excited about the afternoon's activities. They also won't be in a hurry to go home yet, as the day is only half over.

Ask for Suggestions

If you don't know what outdoor adventures to plan, ask employees for suggestions. They may not take into account your budget, time and other restrictions. Their suggestions, however, might spark an idea that you didn't think of, or they may know of a place to go that you aren't familiar with. For more information about outdoor activities, contact a business such as Rocky Mountain Recreation Of Utah Inc.   


29 November 2016

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