Need To Raise Money For A Charity Or Family And Want Something Fun? Try These Events

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If you're looking for a way to raise money for a charity that is close to you, or for a family in need, and you don't want to do dinner that requires a lot of cooking and time, there are some other options that others may find more entertaining to do. Look into organizing these different events and options for people in your community and get a great amount of money you can donate to the charity or family in need.

Dance Off

You can have a dance, with a huge dance contest during the event. People will buy tickets to get into the dance, and you can sell drinks, desserts and other items to make a profit as well. You may be able to get a disc jockey to donate their time since you're raising money for a charity, along with getting vendors to donate food or items to sell. This is a great family event, and it's something for people of all ages to do.

Golf Outing

Having a golf scramble at a public golf course where people can come and spectate is a fun event, and you can easily sell raffle tickets and have prizes for the winners, longest drive and other things. Make a team cost for every pair or group of four people that decide to enter the scramble, and get vendors to donate water and prizes for the golfers. You may even get the golf course to donate some golfing packages. Check out a course like Chaska Town Course for more tips and ideas.

5K Run or Walk

Walking and running is something that people can do competitively or while walking an infant in a stroller. Have an early bird registration to encourage people to sign up early, so you can get an idea of how many people are coming, and then you can charge more for those that sign up at the event. All you need is a path and some people to help work it, along with some people that can provide drinks and snacks for the runners.

These are just a few of the active ways you can make some money for a charity that you are close to and care about, while trying to have fun and interact with others at the same time. Walk around the local community and go to all the businesses to get as much support as you can as far as free snacks, water and drinks go, to make the event more profitable. 


25 May 2016

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