Learn How To Properly Prepare For Your First Duck Hunt

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Duck hunting can be a lot of fun, especially once you know what you are doing. If you have been invited on a duck hunting trip and do not know what to expect, it can be a bit nerve wracking. If you want to be sure that you are ready for your exciting adventure, use the following guide to learn everything you need to know about preparing for a duck hunt. 

Get the Right Clothing

The first thing you need to do is purchase the proper attire to wear when going duck hunting. You want to be sure that you have waterproof boots, waders, and waterproof pants for the hunt since many blinds, or cover devices, are set up in marshes or on the outskirts of marshes. You want to be sure to check the camo pattern of the clothing to ensure that it is designed to blend in with the marshes and not just with trees. Duck hunting camo has a pattern that looks like reeds, instead of limbs and leaves. 

Get the Right Ammo 

When you go duck hunting, you need bird shot ammo. The ammo has a shell that is filled with many tiny pellets. When you shoot a round, the outer shell breaks away and the pellets are dispersed far and wide. This betters your chances of hitting a bird while it is flying. Bird shot is available in different sizes, so be sure you choose the ammo that is designed for duck hunting. You can ask an associate at the store if you are not able to determine which ammo suits your needs. 

Get the Right Gun

You need to get a shotgun for shooting ducks. Many shotguns have quite a kick to them when you fire them, so you want to be sure that you purchase a limb saver to add to the end of the stock so that it can absorb some of the recoil that comes from the gun when you fire it.

Get the Right Supplies

When you go on a duck hunt, you need to have a pop-up blind. The blind folds up so that it can easily fit into a backpack and then pops open into a small tent that you can hide in while you are hunting. You also want to be sure that you have a good duck call to use during the hunt. The duck call allows you to call ducks near your blind so that you can have a better chance of shooting them. 

Once you have all of your supplies packed, you will be ready to go on the hunt. Your friends should help you learn how to spot a great location for setting up your blind and help you learn when is the right time to shoot at the ducks. Take your time, listen to your friends' advice, and enjoy yourself to ensure you are able to get as many ducks as you possibly can on your duck hunt. 

Be aware that if you are going bear hunting or whitetail deer hunting, your preparations will likely differ from the preparations mentioned here.


7 April 2016

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