3 Ways To Use Military Surplus Ammo Cans

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Military surplus items can serve as a great resource for homeowners looking for unique materials to use around the house. Ammo cans played a critical role in keeping ammunition dry, safe, and accessible on the battlefield, but these cans can serve a new purpose inside your home. 

Here are three creative ways you can get some use out of old military ammo cans that have been surplus.

1. Turn an old ammo can into a tool box.

Quality hand tools can be costly, so finding ways to protect these items from sustaining damage can be beneficial. Transforming an old ammo can into a tool box is a great way to not only get use out of something that might otherwise be tossed in the trash but to protect your valuable tools in the future.

Gear-operated tools (like ratchets or wrenches) can become inoperable when they begin to rust. The same seal that protected ammunition from exposure to humidity and other corrosive elements in the air can act as a barrier to keep your hand tools rust-free in the future.

2. Turn an old ammo can into a safe.

Locking up your valuable items can be a great way to protect them from being stolen. If you would rather repurpose something old than invest in a new safe, a surplus military ammo can could be just the thing you are looking for.

The lids on ammo cans were designed to close firmly and remain strong under pressure in order to protect the ammunition inside. By adding a safe kit that you purchase from your local hardware store, you can easily transform an ammo can into an airtight safe that is sure to protect your precious items.

3. Turn an old ammo can into a camping kit.

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, then you know how important it is to keep certain items clean and dry. Using an old ammo can to carry these important items (like maps, matches, and spare batteries) allows you to easily stay safe while you enjoy Mother Nature.

Since ammo cans were designed to be carried into battle by soldiers, they are very portable and can withstand any dents or dings that you might expose them too at a campsite, making them the perfect addition to your store of camping supplies.

Finding unique ways to use old military surplus ammo cans will help you breathe new life into these old objects in the future.


6 April 2016

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