What You Need to Know When Purchasing Your First Pair of Motorcyle Boots


So you finally fulfill your dream of learning how to ride a motorcycle and are ready to purchase your first bike. While riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, you need to protect your body in order to lessen the chances of a serious injury in case you get into an accident. Outfitting yourself with protective gear includes buying the proper footwear for motorcycle rides. The following guide can help you choose the proper boots for you riding adventures.

Upper Boot Material

The upper part of the motorcycle boot protects your shins and ankles from the heat generated by the bike and debris that flies up from the road. Wearing low-cut, casual shoes or cheap boots leaves you vulnerable to injury. Those shoes are not durable enough to withstand mishaps such as having your feet dragged across the pavement during a collision.

Retailers that specialize in motorcycle attire should provide a selection of boots with heavy-duty, reinforced leather uppers. Make sure that the leather is crack-resistant.

Closure Features and Height

Your boot's uppers should also have adjustable closures on the outer shin that are easy to operate so you don't have trouble getting the boots on or off. Typical closures include zippers that are covered with Velcro flaps.

Boots that are not made for motorcycle rides may have closures on your inner leg that scrape the finish of your bike or dangle. Never buy boots with laces or closures that can get caught in the bike during a ride.

Motorcycle boots come in a variety of heights. For short rides and trips around town, you can opt for low-cut boots. However, if you plan on doing long rides or joining a touring club, purchase boots that reach to right below your knee for added protection when you are on the highway and back roads.

Sole and Toe Cap

It is common for people to drive motorcycles in sneakers and other types of casual shoes. However, if those riders encounter wet or slick roads and need to put their feet down to stabilize the bike, they could lose their footing and suffer injuries. Their shoe soles will fail to provide a good grip.

You need to purchase boots with grooved soles and slip-resistant material. Also, make sure that the inner sole is removable so you can clean it or replace it after much wear and tear. The sole should also consist of shock-absorbing material to provide added protection for your feet.

The toe cap provides additional protection. High quality motorcycle boots will have a steel toe to shield your feet from heavy objects and impact during a collision.

Breathability and Water-proof Features

If you wear shoes that do not have breathable materials when you ride, your feet and shins will become uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Boots made specifically for motorcycle rides have breathable, moisture-wicking lining and provide ventilation for your feet.

In addition, the label of the boot should indicate that the leather outer and inner lining are waterproof. You can also purchase waterproof socks from bike apparel suppliers to enhance your protection against water on rainy days or when you ride though a puddle.

Safety Accessories and Care

Motorcycle boots are generally black and some may include reflective strips to help make you more visible while riding at night. However, you can purchase aftermarket reflective strips for your boots from motorcycle apparel shops.

Once you invest in a good pair of boots, do not skimp on proper maintenance. Ask the salesperson about products they recommend for keeping your boots in good condition. You can also assemble your own maintenance kit with boot cleaning brushes, saddle soap and leather conditioner.

While high quality motorcycle boots are not cheap, they provide a better fit and more protection than generic boots. The return on your investment in specialty gaerne boots is the peace of mind that you are providing your feet with maximum protection when you are out riding.


25 August 2015

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