4 Natural Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean


Hot tubs are great, but keeping them clean can be a challenge if you use yours often. Natural oils from your skin, dust and debris can all make their way into your cozy tub, creating a not-so-fun combination that can make the water cloudy and dirty. If the thought of using harsh chemicals to keep your hot tub clean makes you squirm, take heart. There are some natural ways you can keep your hot tub clean without resorting to strong chemicals. Here are five all-natural ways to keep your hot tub clean so you can enjoy it safely.

Keep it covered

This may sound like simple enough advice, but it can be invaluable, in more ways than one. Hot tub covers not only keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub, they also improve its energy efficiency by retaining heat. If you have pets or small children, a hot tub cover should be used any time the tub is not being used to keep them safe. Plus, a cover can keep the chemicals in the tub from becoming unbalanced through dilution from rain or evaporation from the sun.

Rinse your filter regularly

Many hot tub filters only have to be replaced once or twice per year, but if you want to keep your water really clean, remove and rinse the filter every two weeks. This should be done by hand, and you can clean the filters with specialized filter cleaning solutions, or you can use white vinegar and let the filter soak for an hour. The vinegar helps break up calcium deposits left by the water and helps improve the water circulation through the filter.

Use baking soda to clean and maintain alkalinity in the water

Baking soda, like its counterpart, white vinegar, is a true household hero when it comes to cleaning and maintaining hot tubs. Used alone on a damp sponge, it makes a gentle abrasive that will help remove stains without scratching the surface of your tub. Use it with vinegar, and it becomes a great cleaning tool for busting through the grime around the fixtures in the tub. Plus, baking soda naturally raises the alkalinity of the water to help prevent algae from growing in it. It also leaves your skin feeling soft after being in the hot tub. It's a better alternative to chemicals and it's far less expensive. 

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the hot tub 

Rubbing alcohol is an inexpensive and easy to find disinfectant that can be used for a wide number of things around the home, one of which is as a cleaner for your hot tub. Fill a spray bottle with a half alcohol half water solution and use it to clean the fixtures and exterior of the hot tub. It can also be used to safely cut through the grime on the acrylic tub lining. 

Undiluted rubbing alcohol can tackle tough grime, and a diluted solution can be used daily for touch-ups. To keep your hot tub smelling fresh, add lemon juice to the mixture for a clean scent that lingers after the alcohol has dried. Alternatively, try adding a few drops of tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant with a pleasant, minty scent, to the alcohol and water solution.

The easiest way to keep your hot tub clean and safe is to make regular cleaning a part of your maintenance routine. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you and your family members are the only ones who use the tub. Germs can still be lurking in the water, waiting to ruin your fun. Keep these natural cleaning tips in mind and keeping your hot tub clean should be a breeze.


22 July 2015

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