5 Archery Products Ideal For Children With ADHD


Learning the sport of archery is a great hobby for children, especially children diagnosed with ADHD . While the symptoms of ADHD can make archery difficult, children can use it to battle their weaknesses and learn focus, strength, and accuracy.

The following five products can help a young person with ADHD learn archery and minimize their own symptoms while shooting arrows.

Weighted Bows

When children first start shooting, they are usually treated with lightweight bows that are easier to handle. Since children who have ADHD are often known to have weaker muscles, supplying them with a weighted bow can help build muscles and strength.

With weekly or daily use, this strength will build up until the bow can be held without any problems. Additional strength can be built up by using heavier bows when the child advances through different skill levels. If your child's arm is aching, it's OK to alternate to a lighter bow temporarily.

Archery Scope

Focusing on a target can be a challenge for anyone with ADHD, so one of the best ways to help your child focus is by using an archery scope. These scopes feature target lines so that the center of the target can be positioned with the arrow.

Using the scope will help maintain a focus until the child adapts and can use the bow on its own. Along with traditional scopes, laser scopes feature small lights that can offer even more accuracy and focus.

Larger Targets

Shooting and missing on a small target can become frustrating. A child that has ADHD can quickly use interest if they are not succeeding. This is where larger targets come in, because these targets are easier to hit and can help build confidence with the child.

The larger target is a better option than moving a child closer to a smaller target. This will still build up the arm strength and improve accuracy over time.

Along with the larger targets, you can find designs that include minimal colors. Too many colors can be a distraction to a child, so targets with black and white designs may be easier to focus on.

Bow Sling

Holding a tight bow is challenging as a child tries to maintain a tight grip. To help have more success with bow grips, it's a good idea to install a bow sling. The sling can prevent drops, allows children to have a softer grip, and can relax their body instead of being too tense.

Bow slings come in a variety of styles and materials. For example, para-cord material is durable, stretches, and  can easily fit to any size bow. When you purchase the sling, it can be fitted directly to the hand of your child.

String Stops

Loud and sudden noises can easily become a distraction for people with ADHD. Reducing as much noise as possible can help your child have the most success with archery practice. One of the best ways to reduce noise is with a string stop. String stops prevent the loud noises from occurring when the arrow is released from the bow.

Not only does the noise get reduced from the bow, but the vibrations of the bow will stop too. When shopping for string stops, there are a variety of designs and styles to choose from. You can select neutral colors like black or gray that will be less distracting for a child. You can also select a variety of your child's favorite colors like red, yellow, and blue.

Take your time to pick out archery products at places like Wilcox Bait Tackle and accessories that cater to your child's specific ADHD symptoms. The extra accessories will provide the best opportunities for your son or daughter to succeed at archery.


31 March 2015

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