2 Things Your Golf Apparel Should Do For You


On a brisk Sunday morning, the only thing on your mind might be getting out on an open golf course, hitting a few balls, and starting your day off right. Unfortunately, if you don the wrong outfit, you might end up uncomfortable or not allowed to play. Here is more information on two things your golf apparel should do for you, and how it can save you from a frustrating day at the course:

1: Protect You From The Elements

After you have spent big bucks to play on a gorgeous, challenging course, it can be frustrating to deal with uncooperative weather. If you are too hot, cold, or wet, it could throw off your game or cause uncomfortable chafing. However, new performance fabrics can help you to tackle some of the challenges that professional golfers face in bad weather. Here are a few ways great golf apparel can protect you from the elements:

  • Wind: A cold wind can cut right through those loose knits and chill you to the bone. However, to keep you more comfortable, clothing manufacturers have created clothing that blocks wind. This special fabric has a polyurethane layer laminated to the outside, which stops air movement. However, because the material isn't laminated to the interior of the garment, your outerwear will remain breathable. 
  • Moisture: Sweat is an inherent part of any athletic activity, but sometimes moisture buildup can cause big problems. When you are walking through a golf course, too much sweat can cause your clothing to rub against you like sandpaper. However, newer performance fabrics are designed to wick moisture away from the surface of your body and move it to the outside of the garment, where it can evaporate.
  • Sunlight: If you are warm and dry, you might not be paying attention to your sun exposure. However, that bright morning sun can cause premature skin aging, cancer, or painful burns if you aren't careful. Fortunately, some fabrics are designed to filter UV light, so that you stay safe. These garments are treated with invisible dyes called UV absorbers, which keeps those harmful rays away from your skin.

When you choose golf apparel, think carefully about your frustrations on the course. Finding an outfit that will work as hard as you do might help you to stay comfortable and focus on your game.

2: Help You To Follow the Rules

If you are like most golfers, you probably started your hobby by going to community courses before graduating to locations that are more prestigious. Unfortunately, most people find out the hard way that some golf courses maintain a strict dress code, and you might not be able to play unless you suit up appropriately.

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to find outfits that your country club would approve of. Golf is considered a gentleman's game, and it comes along with a separate set of etiquette rules and dress standards. Fortunately, golf apparel manufacturers can help you to look great and dress the right way for any course. Here are a few stipulations you might be required to abide by:  

  • Shirts: Golf is a game that caters to business professionals and well-mannered men. To keep things upscale, most courses require collared shirts made from opaque materials.
  • Footwear: Keeping a golf course in decent shape is tough work, which is why many businesses set rules regarding footwear. You might be required to wear golf shoes with soft, hard rubber spikes instead of those metal versions you wore in high school.
  • Denim: Those stitched jeans might be perfect for that beach party, but if you wear them to the course, you might be turned away. Fortunately, golf apparel manufacturers design comfortable, functional pants and slacks that don't resemble denim in any way.  

By choosing your golf attire carefully, you can play confidently, follow the rules, and stay comfortable all morning long.  


6 February 2015

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