4 Ways To Customize A Knife & Create A Unique Gift

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When trying to find an ideal gift for a hunter, outdoors man, or person in the armed forces, a knife often comes to mind. Instead of just purchasing a knife off the shelf, there are multiple ways you can customize the tool to make it more personal and unique. The customization can be easily done online for a number of knives, including high quality Benchmade knives.

As you create a custom knife order, it's important to do it well in advance of the gifting event so the knife can be made and shipped on time.

Blade Design

Before adding any custom elements to a knife, you must select a blade design first. There are many factors that come into a blade selection:

  • Length: Choose the length of the blade that you want for the knife. Various sizes range from two inches to six inches for a typical knife.
  • Blade Shape: Blades can have a straight design or a curved design for a variety of applications.
  • Blade Edges: Choose a knife with completely smooth edges or knives that feature serrated edges for cutting harder objects.
  • Blade Color: Typical blades feature a stainless steel finish. A smooth black finish is also available for the blades.

Blade Text

Create a knife that is completely unique to the person you are gifting it to. By adding a custom name to the knife, the design will stand out and can become a valuable part of their tool collection. There are multiple elements to choose from when creating text for the knife.

  • Text: Depending on the size, you can choose to put someone's first name, full name, or their initials. As you plan out the custom knife, a live preview can help showcase how the name will appear on the knife. Adjust the sizes of the font to see how much can fit.
  • Font: Select a font type that will fit with the preferences of the person receiving the knife.  Fonts vary from standard designs like Arial to more sophisticated patterns like Lobster Two.
  • Placement: Place the font across the top of the blade or down near the edge. The design choice is up to you and what looks aesthetically pleasing with the fonts that you choose.

Images & Patterns

Enhance the knife even further with images and patterns that can be placed directly on the blade.

  • Image: The small image icon will appear on the top of the blade and near the handle. A variety of images are available including an American flag, skull, butterfly, or symbols representing armed forces or emergency personnel. Some knife customization orders will also allow you to upload your own image for use on the knife. Image guidelines vary and will likely be printed on in black and white instead of color.
  • Patterns: The whole blade of the knife can be covered with a patterned design. Whether you chose a black or steel blade, the pattern design can be applied to both of them. Pattern designs include zebra stripes, skulls, or bolts of lightning. The patterns add a real flare to the knife design.

Grips & Clips

Finish the customization of the knife by adding some design flare to the grip area of the knife. Along with changing the type of grip you have on the knife, there are additional customization options to select.

  • Grip Colors: The grip of the knife is available in two color patterns. The grip is placed together in two parts, allowing you to select a color for each side. This is ideal for selecting the colors of a favorite sports team or American colors like red and blue.
  • Screw Colors: The screws that are used to put the knife together can either be a standard steel or feature a black finish to help blend into the knife more.
  • Clip: Select the type of grip that you want to appear on the knife. Options include shape designs, finishes, or a knife without a clip.

The finished product will be a beautifully customized knife that the person will remember for years.


20 January 2015

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