Honda Side X Side Series 500 ATV: An Ice Fisherman's Friend


If you're to rise to the top of the ranks in the world of ice fishing, a good ATV is an indispensable piece of equipment. Honda side x side 500 models, in particular, offer loads of comforts and capabilities that can boost your game while out on the cold and windy frozen lake. If you're looking for an ATV that makes your already beloved sport even more enjoyable, take a look at the below reasons why a Honda side x side 500 model is the right choice for you. 


If you want to catch bigger fish, you have to move away from the shore and toward the deeper water in the center of the lake. Without a set of wheels, it could take you half the day to transport all of your ice fishing equipment across the dangerous, slippery landscape.

Sure, you could use a 4-wheel drive truck or all-wheel drive car, but you'll be getting a pretty late start since it's not safe to drive a full-size vehicle out onto the lake until there's 10 - 16 inches of ice. Honda's smallest side x side model ATV, (the Pioneer 500) though, weighs in at just 1,010 pounds and is safe for travel on as little as 6 inches of clear, solid ice. That's quite the leg up on your competition.

Towing Capacity

Despite being lightweight, Honda's new side x side 500 model has an incredible towing capacity of 1,000 pounds as well as a payload capacity of 450 pounds. That's plenty of pull for a good-sized fishing shanty, as well as your auger, your tip-ups, your spud bar, and your catch of the day.

Just remember, when towing with any ATV, exercise caution by distributing your haul evenly and inspecting your breaks before each tow.  

Another point of interest concerning the engine abilities of Honda's side x side models is the fuel injection systems. These ATVs use a closed-loop fuel injection system. Closed-loop systems use sensors to constantly measure and adjust the air/fuel mixture going into the engine. As a result, they offer better performance and fuel efficiency in cold climates than can be achieved with open-loop fuel injection models.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Honda's side x side models as ice fishing vehicles is the fact that they have a whole lot of features that will help keep you warm and comfortable while fishing on the frozen lake. 

Available accessories for this fishermen's friend include roofs, windshields, door panels, and even cab heaters. Furthermore, all Honda side x side models come with built-in cup holders, so you can bring a toasty warm cup of coffee or cocoa right along with you when you head on the ice. 


Forget about needing a trailer with a Honda side x side 500. The tight 50 inch width and 102.5 inch length allow this model to easily fit into the bed of a full sized pickup truck. And with a 9.6 inch ground clearance, your loading ramp can be stored underneath it with ease. 

As an added bonus, the small dimensions of this ATV keep it legal on those pesky width restriction-enforced trails. It's not uncommon for these secluded little trails to lead to secluded little fishing spots that other enthusiasts don't even know exist. 

A good ATV can significantly lessen the burdens and discomforts that come along with the sport of ice fishing -- especially one with great towing power, easy portability, and the ability to transform into a warm, cozy little mobile cabin. If you're in the market for the perfect ice fisherman's friend, visit a Honda ATV dealer in your area and as to see their selection of side x side 500 ATVs.


16 January 2015

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